Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Johnny Breaks Chicago releases 'Heed The Word' E.P.

Johnny Breaks Chicago Set to release 'Heed The Word' E.P. on Beatport Dec. 8th, 2010

'Heed The Word' is the second E.P. by Chicago-land's very own breakbeat artist

'Johnny Breaks Chicago'. "Heed The Word E.P." comes with 3 . The leading track on

this release is "Heed The Word", a combination of new and old samples, The actual

bassline was produced from Johnny's own voice, the driving breaks lead this

energetic track from sweep to sweep, very solid! The second track is "Blaze Up" and

contains some vocals from label manager Johnny B &

MC Taz from late nights in the studio with a big room bassline, and heavy 808 drums (this one is definitely going to be played

peak time and thereafter!). Closing this E.P. out with a track called "Rock Up in

the Disko" which carries a sick synth with great energy using old school samples and

a new school flavor and let's not forget those Ibiza congas ~ (Extremely satisfying

big build which completely takes you by surprise after the drop, totally left field

!!! Definitely a floor filler.)

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